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When Should My Child Prepare For The SAT or ACT?

By Anna Clark | Test Prep,

When should my child start preparing for the SAT or ACT?

When should my child start prepping for the SAT or ACT?

It’s a question I am asked every single day.

My answer:

The sooner the better.

I always say: The SAT and ACT are 4-hour tests that counts as much as all 4 years of high school combined.  Despite the rhetoric about things changing – right now – standardized tests are still a gateway to admission into most respected colleges.

You need a time cushion.
11th grade will be the busiest time in your child’s a life… exams tomorrow, projects due Monday, evening play rehearsal and a weekend games two hours away. By summer, it’s personal statements, college tours, internships and more.

What’s the first thing pushed to the side? The thing without an immediate due date — but of critical importance to admission into your child’s dream school: test preparation.

You will never regret starting early.
The worst thing that could happen: your child will get the whole thing off their plate early. The best thing that can happen: your child will have time to get the highest score they are capable of. And you might just be amazed by the results.

Take a test. Get assessed.
Have your child take a free practice test with us. Or, call me any time for an evaluation of current scores. 🙂

– Anna Clark

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