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Two Secrets to Crushing A College Interview

By Anna Clark | College Entrance, Productivity & Life Hacks,

Interviewing for anything, let alone for the place you’ll spend the next four years, can be a stressful experience. You are not alone! But changing your mindset and preparing thorough research will help you feel significantly more at ease in the interview room. Put these two pre-interview tasks on your to do list to melt away the anxiety, let your personality and charisma shine, and be seen as a high value candidate.

Here are two secrets for crushing a college interview:

  1.  Make a T chart. On the left side, write COLLEGE FACTS. On the right side, write MY FACTS. As you do your research for that college, write down facts that interest you. You could write something as simple as “The journalism program holds a pre-game women’s panel before each basketball game.” On the MY FACTS side, find a commonality in your life: “I was the sports editor for my high school newspaper.” Instantly, you’ve found your first talking point about one your hobbies/passion and how the school is a good fit for you. Continue until you have at least ten facts.
The journalism program holds a pre-game women’s panel before each basketball game. I was the first female sports editor for my high school newspaper
Head of the journalism department Professor Schorr published an article on marketing to foreign countries. My current AP Macroeconomics paper is on how Coca-Cola invested in Asia.
There is an intramural ultimate frisbee team I grew up playing ultimate frisbee with my older sister and her friends


  1. “Do you have any questions for me?” This final question seems to be one of the biggest roadblocks for students.  Instead of responding with, “No. Thank you so much!” The secret here is to not simply ask the question, but rather, include a little intro on why you are asking and why it is important to you. It may feel a bit foreign to you at first to do this, but practice it a few times and it’ll sink in. Watch as the interviewer will begin to impress YOU instead. Remember, you are interviewing THEM as well! ????

Now it’s time to get to work! Have fun in your research and in your decision-making process.

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